Individualized Portfolio Management

We believe the world has become too impersonal, especially in the area of wealth management. There is too much dependence on software and algorithms. We believe each client is unique; therefore, we manage wealth, one client at a time.

Wealth Management

Wealth management should encompass all aspects of both your financial and personal life. Therefore, we truly manage each client's portfolio individually;
no two client portfolios are identical.

Security For Your Future

Our Yellowstone Wealth Management team works with you, your tax advisor, and your attorney to achieve the best possible path to retirement and quality of life while in retirement.
  • Estate Planning Strategies & Family Planning

  • Retirement

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Secure Your Future With Personalized Wealth Management Planning

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Meet the Team

Our Mission

Steven Esposito

President, Managing Partner

For Steven Esposito, wealth management goes far beyond just being a profession. It’s a hallowed responsibility he and his team take seriously.

Stephanie Esposito

Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner

As the Chief Operating Officer, Stephanie Esposito never, ever forgets why she has a job – the wonderful clients at Yellowstone Wealth Management.

Kate Baness

Director of Client Experiences

Kate Baness knows that it takes critical thinking, persistence, and patience to uncover the path to success in the world of investment planning.

Samantha Finckle

Client Service Associate

With a robust background in the customer service industry, Samantha brings a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure unparalleled client satisfaction.